Jean-Claude Echstein, LCAMJean-Claude is the Branch Operator of Ameri-Tech Property Management in Hillsborough County, joined Ameri-Tech in 2007 with the task of establishing a growing company presents in Hillsborough County. Previously, he was the head of an Fortune 100 Company’s International Business Services division with over $2.1 billion in annual revenue in 28 countries throughout the Americas, Europe and MENA. Mr. Eckstein’s responsibilities included creating and implementing customer driven, multi-national sales and marketing programs.
Mr. Eckstein has significant experience in information technology sales, sales planning, SG&A management and logistics management. He has extensive operational knowledge of domestic and foreign regulatory compliance, electronic commerce solutions, and international and domestic contract negotiations. He has traveled extensively throughout the US, the Americas and Europe negotiating service level agreements with Fortune 500 companies.
After completing his Engineering studies in 1981, Mr. Eckstein joined the Mercedes Benz Research & Development division in Stuttgart, Germany. In 1993, Mr. Eckstein joined Tech Data Corporation, the second largest information technology distributor in the world. During his ten years at Tech Data, he created and implemented the company’s “International Agent Model”.
Mr. Eckstein is a graduate of Weinstadt Technical College in Germany and is fluent in German and English. He resides currently in Palm Harbor, Florida with his wife and three children, and is very active in his community. He served as the Vice President of his homeowners association in Palm Harbor. He is a frequent advisor to the U.S. Customs Service on various subjects including international trade of restricted technologies and product sourcing.

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